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3rd Sunday of the month Exceptions:

Time: 18.00 - 24.00
€ 10 (more when there's a performance)

November 18, 

with workshop and performance of Buenos Aires national champions Frank Obregón and Jenny Gil.
International DJ : Mala from Brussels.


Frank Obregón and Jenny Gil have always been linked with the artistic field. They have experienced the art of movement in different dances and sports achieving great knowledge and body control that, added to Frank's skills as a musician, empower a self-built style.
Ten years ago they lived in Argentina, where they toured different tango houses and continued their projection as dancers in different countries of North America, Europe and Asia. They have participated in different National and International Festivals as guest teachers and after winning the National Tango Championship of the City of Buenos Aires in 2014, they returned to the experience of traveling through several Argentine provinces to continue spreading concepts that help enrich the Tango Dance.
www.frankyjenny.com.ar - info@frankyjenny.com.ar

Prior to Tango11 , Frank & Jenny will give a workshop ' Complex figures in close embrace ' € 18 p.p. Email to sign up for the workshop: info@marijkedevries.nl

December 16,

... ...


Venue: Kompaszaal. Building: Loods 6. Address: KNSM-laan 311, Amsterdam

Located at the water 'het IJ' that splits Amsterdam in two. The 'Kompas zaal' is a grand cafe restaurant, and the formar departure and arrival hall of the Royal Shipping Company of the Netherlands (KNSM)
Extra: wide balcony with view over the water.  Floor: 500 m2, linoleum.

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Public transport
Bus 42 from Central station. Get out at Azartplein.
Tram 26 from Central station. Change to tram 10 at Rietlandpark. Get out at Azartplein.
From Azartplein: walk 2 minutes. At the end of building Loods 6 is the entrance to the 'Kompaszaal'.

By car
from highway A10, get off via S 114. Bring a map.
Postal code 1019 LE.
Parking is free on Sundays

The organisor of tango 11 is
Marijke de Vries
Cellular: 06 21263373


Torito PasionArte (publisher of the online Tango Agenda for The Netherlands) provides this webpage for Tango 11